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RV Living – What is a Workamper? + HUGE List of Workamping Jobs

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I get asked a lot of questions about RV living and the most asked question is about making money on the road. Have you asked and been told you can earn by being a workamper? That is the go-to answer for many of us. I want to dive into what exactly workamping is and what kind of jobs you can get!

A big part od RV living is earning money. But how to you earn money on the road? Many of us do so by being a workamper. Come see how.

Rv Living – What is a Workamper? + HUGE List of Workamping Jobs

What is a Workamper?

According to

Workampers are folks of all ages and from all walks of life who do all kinds of work while traveling in their RVs. Many exchange a set number of hours for a site plus hookups and other perks, while others work for hourly wages or salaries. Some work for a combination of site plus wages. Some Workampers operate their own businesses. Some work part-time and some work full-time. Some work seasonally and some work year-round. Some Workamp primarily for the enjoyment of being active and productive, while others are motivated primarily by the income and benefits. Some look at Workamping as a one-time adventure, while others embrace it as an exciting new lifestyle.

What types of things would you be doing as a workamper?

This is dependant on what type of job you take.  Here is a list of many of the jobs that workcampers take and what you can expect to do. Under this list is a list of companies who hire workampers and job boards to use to find jobs!

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All the jobs listed below are ones I have seen other RVers take on to earn money, becoming workampers!

Campground Host – This is one of the most popular jobs. You get a campsite in exchange for helping run the front desk, taking reservations, cleaning, sometimes food prep, and doing maintenance work. Sometimes you will even earn a bit per hour as well. 

Selling Advertising – One company listed below makes the campground maps you get when you check in. They sell advertising on them, and you can be the person who makes them. You can select from a database of places to go you get your campsite free on top of making a commission on advertising sold. They do provide training. 

Transporting RVs – There are many people that want to move their RV to a campground and stay for long periods of time. The problem is they don’t have a truck to move it or don’t want to drive it. You can transport their RVs for them, just make sure you are licensed and insured! 

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Gate Attendant – Many times oil field companies hire RVers to man their front gate. This is a 24/7 job so it’s best for couples as one can be on guard while the other sleeps. Sometimes they take in two RVs so you can switch days off. This can be a taxing job, and they provide a spot many times no sewer, so you have to have someone come out and dump. The pay is pretty good though. 

Flea Market or Craft Show Vendor – If you make items, paint, or resell items flea markets, craft shows, and even conventions are a great place to set up a  booth to sell your stuff sell. You can follow a “circuit” around or plan based on certain events. You have a lot of flexibility here. 

Manufacturers Sales Rep – If you have any kind of sales experience you can work with a company to sell their products. Many people will work with a company and try to get their products in stores in the areas they visit, then get a commission for the leg work. 

Construction Work – If you have construction experience you can travel from construction job to construction job. 

Retail Sales – Many people do well with companies like LuLaRoe, Usborne, and Young Living just to name a few. 

Christmas Tree Lot Vendor – Run one of the Christmas tree lots in December. You can park your RV in the lot and sell trees for 2-3 weeks. This generally works like this, you buy the trees from the tree farm at wholesale, then set up on the tree lot and charge retail for them making about 50% profit per tree. You would have to make all arrangements for the lot etc.

Pumpkin Lot Vendor – This is another vendor opportunity in October. I don’t have much info on it, and I don’t know many RV families that have done it, but it is still an option. 

Fireworks Stand Vendor – This is one of the more popular ways to earn money on the road. Below in my company list, I share how you can work with TNT to run a fireworks stand for two weeks each year. 

Tour Guide – This is a job you can take in many touristy areas. They don’t normally have a workamping specific program, but it’s a seasonal job and a great option for the areas where you can find a great price on a camp site. 

Fishing Guide – You or your spouse an avid fisherman(or fisherwoman)? This is a great job if you now an area and the great fishing spots. Work for a bigger company or start you own seasonally and travel off season. 

Museum Guide – Like a tour guide above. 

Covered Wagon Guide – Yes, this is a real thing out west along the old Oregon trail, and I personally would love to do it!

Photographer – If you have a skill taking pictures you can take pictures of your travels and sell your pictures online. You can set up picture sessions in areas your are in or even travel to take wedding pictures. I know VAs (virtual assistants) that cook recipes ad take pictures for food bloggers. 

Stocking in Retail Stores – If you are going to be in an area for any length of time you can get a job stocking shelves at a store, these are normally part-time job and are very in demand leading up to Christmas. 

Product Demonstration in Retail Stores – Another job that is very in demand leading up to Christmas. You would show off new products to customers in different stores. 

House Sitter or Property Caretaker – When people leave for vacation many times they want someone to take care of their house, their pets, get their mail, mow the lawn, etc. In most cases, you get to live there during this time, so it makes it a great way to travel for some. You can use sites like HouseSitter to find a job in the areas you are going to be in. 

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Seasonal Income Tax Return Preparer – If you are an accountant you can set up shop during tax season and help people with their taxes. Then travel the rest of the year! 

Selling Campground Memberships – I know a family that sells Thousand Trails memberships, which is one of the more popular among fulltime RVers but there are many memberships you can sell, Coast to Coast is another one. Check out our post on memberships for fulltime RVers to get an idea. 

Freelance Work – This is one of the ways we make money one the road, and it’s not a normal workamper job, but I do freelance work on social media, writing, and more. See how else we make money on the road

Reseller Work – This can go along with the Flea Market Vendor but has may different areas. We also use Amazon FBA to resell and earn money on the road. If you have any storage, you can also resell on Etsy or Ebay. We like Amazo FBA because they store the items for us ad handle shipping.

NPS Volunteer – You can volunteer with the National Park Service ad help them at many of their sites in exchange for a free campsite.

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On to the links, these jobs are workamper perfect!

Places to Find Workamper Job Listings


Working Couples – Work Campers/Campgrounds – Mostly campground jobs for couples, both people will need to work.
Workers on Wheels – This site offers more jobs than just campground jobs. Great place to get ideas. – Here you put in your application and campgrounds can contact you. This company employs over 450 camp hosts a season.
Workamper News – Maybe one of the more popular sites for checking out camp host positions. The downside? This is a paid service.
Work Camping – Another site where you submit your application and the campgrounds contact you. They currently have 175 locations in 11 states.
Cook Works – These jobs are more adventures jobs in neat places. Some National Parks, resorts, outdoor activities and more. Most provide room and board, but you will need to check the description, I see a variation from bunkhouse style to some campgrounds. Just have to dig around. This would be a great way to find a fun job in an area you will be in already.
Happy Vagabonds – They tend to have listings of different work camper programs than you find on some of the other sites.

Workamping Jobs – One of our go to sites for workamping listings. They have a huge help wanted ad section, and it’s all free to view and apply.
Snowbird RV Trails – Large list of companies known to hire workcampers each season.


Company Specific Workamper Jobs

These jobs hire massive amounts of workcampers each season and have pretty good benefits!

Amazon Camperforce – Amazon Camperforce runs from September – December, sometimes they will ask for volunteers into January. They pay for your campground plus pay you $10.75/hr + overtime. You will have several locations to pick from. You can find out more with our Amazon Camperforce Review. Tasks you will be doing include picking items off shelves, packing and processing orders. This is one of our favorite workamper jobs.

Sugar Beet Harvest – This is a 2-week gig in Minnesota and North Dakota at the end of September each year. You can plan to work 12 hours shifts and get paid $11/hr or more. Their website says you can expect to make up to $2,500 per person working. You could work seven days week with overtime pay and they pay for your campsite. This is a bit harder work than some. You are harvesting the sugar beets, preparing for shipment, etc. Plus there is plenty to do in South Dakota!

KOA Work Kampers – These are workcamper positions at KOAs across the country. Each position is different based on the campground as they are all privately owned. The seasons are 3 – 6 months and pay is around $7.50 -$12 an hour. Positions include but are not limited to hosting, managing the front desk, food services, store sales, events staff, housekeeping, maintenance, and grounds work Some KOA might have marina and pool duty or even need a zipline operator. Be prepared some KOAs will require you to pay rent and electric costs, so always know your terms of the job.

Escapees Work Camping – You will need to be an Escapees member to see this board, but there are listings of all sorts of work camping jobs including ones at Escapees campground.

Dollywood Work Campers – YES! Dollywood has a workcamper program! This is located in Pigeon Forge, TN and has some amazing benefits. While I can’t find it in writing I talked with someone at a both at the Hershey RV Park, and the starting pay is $9 an hour, but you will have to pay for your campsite. They have worked out amazing deals on campsites in the area around $300 a month for full hookups. You can expect to work 40 hours week and even some overtime. So think of it this way, the first week each month you pay for you campsite the rest is all gravy at 40 hours week!

Adventureland Amusement Park Work Camping – Located in De Moines IA this is a work camping option a lot like Dollywood. You get a free campsite plus $8.50 an hour. There is no contract on how long you have to work, but if you work until the end of the season they do offer bonuses! Bonuses include 75¢ for each hour worked PLUS and $400 per campsite bonus.

Run a TNT Fireworks Stand – I have talked with many families on the road who head back to the same area each July to sell fireworks the two weeks leading up to July 4th. They all say the same thing, they earn enough money those two weeks to pay for about 80% of their travel for the rest of the year. A few of them say they then turn around and in December set up shop to sell Christmas Trees to earn the rest of the money they need for the year but I haven’t figured that one out yet. Leave me a comment if you do this!

Southeast Publications – This is the place that does a lot of the campground maps you get when you check into a campground. You would get training then pick from a database of places looking to have a new map made. You get to stay around two weeks for free while you work on the map and sell advertising on it. Then you earn a commission for the advertising sales.



Volunteer Work

National Parks Volunteers – Work at many National Park Sites normally on weekends and get a free campsite in exchange! These spots could be campground hosts, gatekeepers, etc. You can also find many of the same opportunities at state parks by goes to the state park website. This is one of the most loved workamper jobs because we all seems to love to to be in the National Parks.

Habitat For Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners – Here you travel and help with rebuilds. Rebuilds last two weeks and you will be working ten 6-7 hours days. An RV spot is normally provided, but pets are normally not allowed.

Hard Hats for Christ – You work with many ministries to help with volunteer projects ad they provide a campsite for you. All the requirements are listed on their website.


Other Workamper Jobs

RV Mobile Marketing – This company is one that will wrap your RV in a company’s advertisement, and you are basically a rolling billboard. They offer a 50/50 split on the advertising with a minimum of $1000 a month. The requirements are a bit strict (how long you can be in one area etc.)

RV Armor  – You can train to become an RV roof repairman and travel it fix other RV roofs.

Xanterra Careers – These guys work with National Parks, State Parks, and resorts to fill many of the positions a camp host would do. They pay higher but don’t pay for your campground, so that comes out of your pocket. Some positions in the National Parks could provide free hookups.

State Park Websites – Whatever state you are looking to work in head to their state parks website and check under jobs. Almost every state has some kind of work workamping program.

National Forest – Find jobs in the forests across the country. Some have a campground, but other do not so you might have to pay out of pocket for a campsite.


Freelance Work

While not the typical work camping work a lot of us earn money this way, so I feel it is worth a mention.

UpWork – This is one of the biggest freelance work networks. Find writing jobs, testing jobs, and more. Set up your profile and let people come to you as well!

Fiverr – Yes this site I know for their $5 tasks but you can add upgrades to them, and now you can have tasks that are more than $5. So list what skills you have, set your price, and make your description Make sure use keywords!

mTurk – This program is by Amazon, and they list tasks they need to be done, and you can do them on your time when ever you want and earn money from doing it. Word is you earn about $5-$10 an hour here.

Etsy – This this a great site to resell items, sell items you make, printables, and clip art. So many ideas!


I also earn $210 a month in Free Amazon Gift Cards online to help supplement ou RV living budget. I know not your typical workamper job, but every little bit helps!


Do you know of any other jobs for workampers I missed? Please comment below and let me know I’d love to add them!

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    Jeanette Perry

    Friday 15th of March 2019

    My husband has been working out of our Toy Hauler for several years. He is a detailer for Steel Companies. Before the Toy Hauler he was in a room in our house. It was so annoying because we had to be quiet when he was on the phone. We had to keep distractions to a minimum when he was working. Now he goes to the Camper and we don't see or hear from him most of the day!! Plus it gives us an extra bedroom and bathroom when we have company!! Win Win!


    Thursday 4th of January 2018

    I've done temp work in the bigger cities. It's fun to work in different environments every week.


    Friday 6th of October 2017

    I am a Travel OR Nurse and there are 3 Travel Nurses that camp where I am currently staying. RV Nursing is on the rise!


    Friday 5th of January 2018

    I am a phlebotomist and though I don't need a state license to work, I was wondering if there were seasonal positions available for someone with my skills? I have only seen RN or MD positions. Is there anything you can recommend? Thanks in advance Denise


    Thursday 4th of January 2018

    Hi I am an LPN looking to travel. I have no idea how to begin traveling around applying for jobs. Any info greatly appreciated

    Sherry Harvey

    Wednesday 20th of September 2017

    What about health insurance? My husband's big concern.


    Friday 29th of September 2017

    We use Medi Share. It isn't traditional insurance. You can get more info here: