Top 10 Places to Eat – Restaurant Guide Billings MT

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While you’ve probably already done your homework on researching things to do while visiting Billings, Montana, have you checked into great places to eat yet? If the answer is no, don’t take off so fast. We’ve already done most of that for you in discovering some of the best restaurants, breweries and sit-down restaurants in the area. Here’s a list of the top 10, on what we believe to be the best places to eat in Billings, Montana. 

We’ve scoured some of the best restaurants, breweries and sit-down restaurants in the area and put them all here. A list of the top places to eat in Billings, Montana. #billings #montana #ourroaminghearts #placestoeat #restaurantguide | Restaurant Guides | Billings, Montana | Montana | Places to Eat

Top 10 Places to Eat – Restaurant Guide Billings MT

There are so many great places to eat in Billings Montana it was hard for me to pick where to eat on my trip. No matter where you choose to eat make sure you try something with Huckleberries! They are the local fruit and look like blueberries but have a milk flavor and are really good! 

They put huckleberries in everything out there! Candy, ice cream, cheesecake, drinks, coffee, salad dressing! I tried it all and I recommend you do too!  If you want to experience some of Montana at home here are a few of my favorite Huckleberry items you can get on Amazon! 

Huckleberry Pie Filling – I have made this since I've been home and it's is amazing get the store-bought crust dump and go! 

Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy – This is the same stuff they sell at the Grand Teton National Park where the huckleberries grow in the wild! 

Montana Gift Crate – This box includes huckleberry syrup, huckleberry jam, and a huckleberry ice cream topping. 

Huckleberry Drink Syrup – If you want to make your own huckleberry drinks at home you can get the syrup. While I was in Montana I had a Huckleberry mule, a huckleberry mimosa, and a huckleberry long island ice tea. 

Wild Huckleberry Gourmet Licorice Candy – This is also the same thing they have the Grand Teton National Park and they offered samples. It was my first taste of huckleberries and I was hooked! 

Huckleberry Chocolate Candy – I tried some of these too and they are really good! 


There is so much more, check out this Amazon search for Huckleberry. There is a brownie mix, pancake mix, tea, coffee, and even a huckleberry lip balm


Burger Dive Billings Montana
Photo Credit Burger Dive


Burger Dive

Be sure to stop in and try this burger establishment who’s a chef was recently crowned the “Burger Champion” at the World Food Championships. Their burgers at the Burger Dive can be ordered a number of ways, but one thing you can be sure of, each burger is outstanding and made with the freshest of ingredients. They also have a number of great sides and delicious shakes to satisfy your hunger and meet your sweet tooth.    


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The Fieldhouse

While The Fieldhouse might have a simple menu, with only a handful of dishes and entrees, they have perfected everything that leaves their kitchen. This is another one of Billing’s fine dining locations that are sure to hit the spot!  


 Restaurant Guide Millings MT Sassy Biscuit

Sassy Biscuit

You might not have realized just how big deal biscuits can be until you stop in at the Sassy Biscuit. They have spooned cakes, griddled cakes whipped up into a blueberry cobbler, and pies filled with veggies and meats that will warm your satisfied belly. Who knew comfort food could taste this good?  


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Ciao Mambo 

Thinking of going Italian tonight? The Ciao Mambo has the perfect dining setting with good wine, toasted bread and a number of pasta and hand-tossed pizzas that will blow Olive Garden away. 



Oktoberfest German Restaurant billings Montana
Photo Credit Oktoberfest German Restaurant Instagram


Oktoberfest German Restaurant

If you’re hungry for authentic german cooking, don’t miss out on eating at the Oktoberfest German Restaurant. How about a juicy bratwurst garnished with pickles, or a satisfying helping of gulasch finished off with warm apple strudel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Also, keep in the back of your mind that they have Schnitzel too!


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Crazy Mary’s Fish & Chips

Another menu that appears small but satisfyingly amazing, is at Crazy Mary’s Fish & Chips. Whether you want your fish beer-battered, tossed in a taco, or simply slathered in tartar sauce with a hearty portion of fries and coleslaw, Mary’s your go-to gal. 



Montana Brewery
Photo Credit Oktoberfest German Restaurant Instagram


Montana Brewery

The Montana Brewing Company is not your typical brewpub with a few good brews and an occasional food truck that stops in. This place is locked and loaded! They have several tasty sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, a number of appetizers, salads and meat options that go great with their craft beers. It’s no wonder they’re Montana’s most-awarded brewery.   


The Lilac in Billings, Montana may appear to be a fancier setting than you’re accustomed to, with their artistically-placed dishes and fine dining room. Yet don’t be fooled. The Lilac has several American foods such as corn dogs, cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries, you and your kids can enjoy it.   


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La Tinga 

Well, we’ve mentioned German and Italian foods, why should we stop there? La Tinga is where it’s at as far as the best Mexican restaurant in town. In fact, authentic Mexican food can’t get any better. Their homemade corn tortillas filled with fresh vegetables and your choice in meat are phenomenal. Are you a huge avocado fan?  Then be sure to try their avocado tostadas that draw raving reviews. 


Restaurant Guide Millings MT Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Just outside of Billings Custer Battlefield Trading Post is located right next to the Little Big Horn Battlefield and looks like a traditional trading post. They have a great little restaurant inside with Indian Tacos. These tacos have been feature by Oprah! They make the read by hand and these tacos are very popular!


These are what we believe are among the top 10 places to eat that you need to stop in while in Billings, Montana. If you’ve visited, or live in the area, what other places to eat have delicious food? 


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