Oak and Vine Auburn NY at Springside

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The way to man’s heart is through their stomach, but I think it’s the way to everyone’s heart. If a place has good service, good hospitality, and amazing food, it will have a special place in my heart for a lifetime. Oak and Vine Auburn NY at Springside was exquisite, to say the least, but don’t take my word for it. 

Oak and Vine Auburn NY at Springside is an exquisite wedding venue, restaurant, and inn. The restaurant sits on Finger Lakes to provide jaw-dropping views. #oakandwine #auburnny #newyork #ourroaminghearts | Oak and Wine Auburn | New York Restaurants | Wedding Venues | New York Travel

Oak and Vine Auburn NY at Springside

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

The whole place is very comfortable and has a homy feeling. The outside looks almost like a rustic farmhouse and they kept that inside as well/ The fireplaces and wood floors, wood table and chairs, candles, the who package.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

The Food was to Die for

Seriously, the fried sirloin Demi glaze melted in my mouth like butter. I have never had a steak that I could cut with a butter knife. If that isn’t good, I don’t know what is. Cheese souffle, bone bread, and salad were a delectable treat that went perfectly with our mouth-watering steak.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

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However, steak isn’t all they have to offer. You can get an array of American cuisine to die for:

  • Organic Pasta
  • Hoisin-marinated bone-in-pork chops
  • Fresh fish
  • Regionally sourced beef
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

The Staff Were Amazing

The staff at Oak and vine are knowledgeable, spirited, and neighborly. You truly feel like you are in an atmosphere with people who have known you for your entire life. They really try to make the entire experience worth just as much as the food itself. If you are looking for great service, Oak and Vine is the place to be.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

Picturesque Views

Since the restaurant sits on the heart of Finger Lakes, you can find jaw-dropping views right from your table. Private dining, casual pub seating, and outdoor tables overlook the Spring Sides, Gazebo Gardens and picturesque landscapes. Even the outside bar is made from a fallen pine tree to give you the essential qualities of mother nature.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

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Behind the building, they have a beautiful space mostly used for weddings. They were setting up for one when we were there. The grounds are beautiful with rolling hills and mature trees.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

They have so many events back here that when a tree on the property fell they used it to make this bar in the back for events. They placed it around still standing trees and paired it with lights, it's beautiful.

Oak and Vine Auburn NY

The Inn

They also have an Inn, Springside Inn, with a few rooms that have been around since 1851. The rustic farmhouse setting continues through the rooms. Though I'm happy to say they have modern bathrooms!

Oak and Vine Aubrun NY

Oak and Vine at Springside was a heavenly experience, and I would recommend a visit at least once in your life. Although once the fun starts, you may want to go back more than once. Not only is it a perfect place to eat or go on a date, but it would be an ideal venue for a wedding.


Have you visited Oak and Vine Auburn NY at Springside? How was your experience? Share in the comments below!

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