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Iron Kettle – Lynchburg, Tennessee

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When we are in a new area we prefer to eat at Mom and Pop places. They normally have the best food and are unique to the area! Plus you can’t go wrong supporting a local family over a big corporation!

Iron Kettle – Lynchburg, Tennessee

Anyway, while in Lynchburg we had lunch at the Iron Kettle. This is a little diner on the town square. It doesn’t look like much and honestly, that’s where you tend to hit gold! While waiting for our food, we saw many people open the door look in and walk back out. They don’t know what they were missing!

The menu is simple southern burgers done with a Jack Daniel’s twist!

Iron Kettle – Lynchburg, Tennessee Menu

The décor is nothing special they have oil table cloths but the place is clean and the staff is friendly.

I ordered a Jack Daniel burger with the sauce on the side. My side? Well, this southern girl had to get her fried pickles!

Iron Kettle – Lynchburg, Tennessee My Food

This was probably the best burger I had in Tennessee. So the lesson is simple, and one my husband and I live by. Don’t let the décor or first glace get the best of you. Or as the saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ You will miss some of the best food and great prices!

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