How to Make Money While Traveling

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The number one question I am always asked is how do I make money while I'm traveling. It is strange to me that people don't first ask about what I have seen out on the road, but rather, how can I afford to do it. I guess it's because they want to know if they can do it too! So let me share some ideas of how to make money while traveling.

How to Make Money While Traveling

How to Make Money While Traveling


This is where you work some hours in exchange for your campsite and many laces offer an hourly wage on top of that. The most popular workamping job is Amazon Camperforce, but this job is only from about September – December each year.

I did a post on workamping jobs, what they are all about, where to find them and a list of some of the most popular ones each year.

Travel Writing

Travel writing and blogging is a small niche with a lot of big fish. When pitching travel magazines or newspapers, make sure to have a unique perspective on what you can bring to their publication. Most people travel with a partner, and more recently, with their entire families. Make sure you know what makes you unique and pitch that.

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Work Online

There are many ways to make money online from making social media work for you to getting paid for your recipes or even reading books.

Join a Traveling Circuit

There is a reason people ‘run away and join the circus'. You have a job that travels. You don't just have to look at circus's think about the different fairs and even renaissance festivals, those guys work mostly weekend and have time over during the week.

Sell Something

Many people join an MLM and sell them on the road setting up and different events across the country. Other people make things to sell from crafts, bath products and more.

To find places to sell think about getting a spot at flea markets, city events and festivals, conferences (like homeschool conferences), fairs and more.

Publish Books

It is super easy to publish books via Kindle or even Createspace now. If you are wanting some help walking through the process I highly suggest this self-publishing course. It's the one I took and it goes on sales for under $15 at least once a month.

How I Earn Money Traveling

I shared how I earn money while on the road. We have several streams of income and you should never limit yourself to just one.

Kristi has written here on Our Roaming Hearts before (back when we were Roadchooling with The Frugal Navy Wife) and wrote this post How I Make Money. It’s Not by Giving Out Free Hugs.

There are hundreds (I'm serious!) of ways people talk about how to make money while traveling. The one thing I have learned is that you have to be flexible and willing to think outside of the corporate box to live a life on the road. With a different view of nature every day, I'm game!

What would you do to earn money while traveling?

How to Make Money While Traveling

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    1. Great article Kristi! You can also add temporary service work if you are near a larger urban area, or typing papers for university students (amazing that this is still a money maker after all these years), or if you have a specialty you can teach a unit on a specific subject – I’ve met a lot of homeschooling parents who would love the opportunity to have their kids learn about a variety of topics they don’t know as much about.
      You’ve chosen a great place to be based from – I’m from Whitehorse originally and lived at Clinton Creek (Forty Mile) too – but I still haven’t decided if my favourite Alaska drives is the Eagle to Chicken or the stretch on Hwy I from Slana to Valdez. Have a great summer travelling.

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