18 Fun Florida Crafts for Kids and Adults

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As we continue our Florida Unit Study we are adding in Florida crafts to get some hands-on fun. I like to reach a book related to what craft we are doing to make it more relatable to Florida. 

New on our Florida Unit Study we added Florida crafts to get some hands-on fun. From Slime to Clothespin crafts, we have you covered! #ourroaminghearts #florida #crafts #unitstudy #roadschooling #homeschooling | Florida | Crafts about Florida | Roadschooling | Homeschooling | Unit Study | Florida Unit Study | Crafts for Kids

18 Fun Florida Crafts for Kids and Adults

Florida is home to many famous attractions like all the fun of Disney and Universal in Orlando, the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys and Key West, and the heartwarming story of Winter and Hope in Clearwater. 

This leads to so much to learn about and have fun with!


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Dolphin Clothes Pin Craft – The Frugal Navy Wife – I love watching for dolphins anytime I'm near the water in Florida I see them more often then you might think. 

Cardboard Tube Alligator – Crafts by Amanda – Alligators are everywhere in Florida, especially southern Florida. Last Christmas there was one in my back yard!

Craft Stick Crocidile Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun – There is a difference between alligators and crocodiles and you learn all about it in Florida! 

Thumb Print Palm Tree – Glued To My Crafts Blog – Palm trees are the trees of Florida. They are everywhere, all different kinds. This is a great craft to do while learning about them. 

Mermaid Slime – The Frugal Navy Wife – Mermaids are a real legend in Florida Especially with the Weeki Wachee Mermaids so you will see them everywhere. 


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You can' walk outside without finding seashells in Florida. They are all over the beaches and used as ‘mulch' or for walkways too.

Salt Dough Seashell Pendants – Red Ted Art –  These pendants are great for savings your favorite seashells. 

Seashell Creatures – Crafts by Amanda – This is another great way to show off your favorite seashells!

Paper Plate Seashells – Artsy Craftsy Mom – Make your own seashells using paper plates. 

Dissolve a Seashell Experiment – Teach Beside Me – This is a fun way to play with seashells and learn what they are made of. 

Seashell Turtle Craft – Easy Peasy Fun – Turtles are protected here in Florida and you will often find a next protected by the city, county, or state. This craft uses seashells to make your own turtle.


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Dolphin Ocean Slime – The Frugal Navy Wife – This slime is easy to make and you can add in dolphins and other ocean critters!

Paper Plate Jellyfish – Artsy Craftsy Mom – Jellyfish are in the ocean and when they sting it is no joke. I've been stung once and it's something I'm good with not happening again! 

Printable Manatee Craft – Learn Create Love – Manatees are all over Florida and they are protected and loved. 

Rocking Paper Plate Crabs – Kids Craft Room – Crabs will be all over the beaches some are small and some bigger. This is a fun craft for kids to make moving crabs. 


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Cork Sailboats Craft – Mamma Pappa Bubba – On any body of water you will find sailboats in Florida. In fact, there are many sailboat races! 

Paper Plate Beach Craft – Glitter on a Dime – This is a fun way to make your own beach on a paper plate. 

Ocean in a Bottle – Happy Hooligans – This is a simple and easy way to make a fun ocean in a bottle for kids to shake up. 

Paper Plate Beach Ball Craft – Glued to my Crafts Blog – You can't go to any beach or any pool party and not have fun with a good old fashion beach ball! 


What are your favorite Florida Crafts? Which ones are you looking forward to doing?



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