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Downtown Lynchburg Tennessee

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Lynchburg Tennessee: Settlers first arrived in the Lynchburg Tennessee area around 1801. Main Street was originally the main road. It was later incorporated in 1841. No one know for sure how Lynchburg got its name some think it was named after Lynchburg, Virginia. Others say the city was named after an early resident named Tom Lynch. Yet other swear it was named after “Judge Lynch”. The rumor I heard in the south growing up about the town’s name were not so pretty…

Downtown Lynchburg Tennessee

Downtown Lynchburg Tennessee

Regardless this was a town that was on my map to see when we were in Tennessee. So being near Nashville we made the drive and if you are near Nashville, Tennessee I highly suggest taking the trip down to Lynchburg. It is a bit of a drive BUT it is soooo pretty, not a whole lot of highway driving, lots of farms and small towns!

Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour – Lynchburg, Tennessee Drive

While in Lynchburg Visiting the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and eating lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding Hosue or The Barrel House BBQ you need to check out ‘the square’ also known as downtown Lynchburg!

The building are those old brick buildings and signs.

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Brick buildings

We loved walking the stores! Everything from the Antique store that had some of the most one of a kind things and many items I would have bought had we still been in a stick and bricks house!

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Antiques

Then there was the southern shop keeping the southern pride alive with the oh so controversial confederate flag. The owner said when everyone was complaining about people taking the flag down she went out and bought more of them!

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Southern Store

Then we had to hit the candy store! Everything fudge including moonshine fudge and whiskey fudge!

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Candy Store

In the center of the square is the country courthouse.

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Courthouse

Just kiddy corner on the square is the Old More County Jail. This jail is open for tours and worth a stop in for some great town history!

Old Moore County Jail – Lynchburg, Tennessee Front

You and your kids can even play checkers with good ole Jack himself! My kids had a blast with this!

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Checkers

Don’t forget to stop at the General Store or Barrel Store.

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Barrel Shop

This store is where you can buy almost anything made from Jack Daniel’s barrels from rain water catchers, trash cans, planters, coffee tables, bird houses and more. You can also buy your very own barrel like we did.

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Barrel

Now this barrel is NOT sitting in our RV, while we are traveling it is on loan in my dad’s shop Smoky Mountain Handmade Candle and SM Bath and Body on Miami Ave (right next door to Venice Ave) in Venice, Fl.

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee Barrel in window

You should also stop by the Lynchburg Winery and do a wine tasting. They have some great wines, our favorite is their muscadine wine, Serendipity!

Downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee wineary

have you visited Lynchburg Tennessee? What did you enjoy seeing most?

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    Wednesday 16th of August 2023

    My Great Grandfather owned the first candy store in Lynchburg and the only one at the time, Great Grandpa Henderson, he also owned a Ford car, one of two owned in town when they first came out, and taught my Grandma (Margaret) to drive at age 5...

    Shopping on Venice Ave in Venice, Florida

    Wednesday 17th of February 2016

    […] These shops include the streets to the right and left of Venice Ave as well, Miami Ave and Tampa Ave. Many of the events that take place do so on Miami Ave.  Miami Ave is also the street my Dads Shop, Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles in on. This is the shop that holds our Jack Daniel’s Barrel. […]