Must Have Baby Camping Gear + FAQs for Camping with an Infant

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Some see camping with a baby as a challenge, while others think it sounds like a nightmare. The truth is, as long as parents are adequately prepared with the right baby camping gear, it can be a fun family experience for years to come.

Parents who love to camp don't need to give up camping until their baby is older.

Knowing what baby camping gear is going to keep baby safe, comfortable, and happy on a camping trip will make sure the family camping trip is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

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Best Baby Camping Gear for an Unforgettable Trip

Clevr Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack

The Clevr Canyonero camping baby backpack makes it easy to be hands-free and still bring baby along. Families who do lots of hiking can continue their hobby and bring the baby too.

The padded child seat is adjustable and has a five-point safety harness for babies of any height.

There is a detachable sun shade and a rain cover so even in bright sun or heavy rain babies can stay comfortable.

Parents will appreciate the lightweight design, padded shoulders, and the large number of pockets.

Parents should test out the baby carrier before leaving on a trip and make sure that it fits their baby comfortably.

Brica Fold ‘n Go Travel Bassinet

This lightweight travel bassinet from Munchkin can keep baby safe and comfortable anywhere. It is less than 3lbs and has a carry handle so it is easy to pack on any trip.

Pros: The mattress and sheet are removable to be washed, and the mattress is water-resistant in case of any accidents.

The frame locks into place in four spots with an audible click, so parents can be sure that the bassinet frame is secure and ready to use. The mesh panels and breathable fabric provide airflow.

Cons: Some families may find the mattress too thin for uneven surfaces so take care when selecting a spot for the travel bassinet.

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

Whether parents want to bike, jog, walk, or ski, the Thule trailer will keep their baby or babies safe and comfortable for the ride.

This trailer is ideal for families that want to continue their active lifestyle after having a baby or two small children.

Pros: The trailer can be folded down and compacted to be packed or stored away. It has two padded seats that can recline independently, adjustable suspension, and ventilation vents for air flow.

Cons: This Thule trailer is on the expensive side and the conversion kits for skiing and jogging are sold separately.

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

For easy feeding anywhere, the Summer Infant booster seat is the perfect chair and table for baby.

Pros: Families who are often on-the-go will appreciate how quickly this chair sets up, cleans up, and folds down.

With a compact fold and a carry bag, it's easy to take this booster seat anywhere. It can be put on the ground or attached to a chair with the straps.

The removable tray is dishwasher-safe.

Cons: The tray can be difficult to re-attach unless it is correctly lined up, and some parents may find that the straps are too tight on the baby's legs.

Tip: Parents should always use straps to secure the chair and the baby, and never leave the child unattended.

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

Kids of all ages love hammocks, and they can even help infants fall asleep while swaying in their parents arm.

These Wise Owl Outfitters hammocks can be hung from trees, poles, or any other sturdy structure you can find.

With nautical grade nylon ropes, steel carabiners, and triple interlocking stitching, parents can be sure that children will be safe and secure in the Wise Owl hammock.

The hammocks fold up and compress to about the size of an orange, making it very easy to pack on a camping trip.

Cons: A hammock is not as secure as a bassinet on the ground for a baby (and therefore should not be used for sleeping during naps or at night), and young children need to be monitored at all times while using.

Baby Camping Gear Frequently Asked Questions

The more often parents camp with their baby or toddler, the easier it will be to know what baby or toddler camping gear to bring.

It takes a little extra planning to take a baby camping, but it isn't impossible if parents are prepared. Here are some questions we typically hear from parents thinking about planning a camping trip with a baby.

Can I take an infant camping? How old should they be?

Although camping with a baby sounds like it might be extremely difficult, it can actually be very pleasant as long as the parents enjoy camping themselves.

The baby won't actually remember the trip, so it's all about the experience and the enjoyment of the parents and introducing a child to nature.

Infants of any age can be brought along on camping trips if parents are prepared with the right baby camping gear.

Many parents either overpack or forget essentials at home until they have experienced a few trips and are able to see what their baby actually needs and uses on a camping trip, so don't fret if that happens to you!

While there is no age restriction, be sure to bring the right sun and weather protection (sun protective clothing and sunscreen for babies over 6 months.

How is camping beneficial for babies and toddlers?

Spending time outdoors in nature is beneficial for everyone. Parents who have an active lifestyle outside don't want their hobbies and leisure activities to come to a halt after having a baby.

By introducing a baby or toddler to outdoor life early, it is more likely that the whole family will be able to continue to enjoy time outside together doing activities such as camping as the baby grows.

There is also tons of sensory exploration that can happen while camping under safe observation, including introductions to water, dirt, animals (from a distance) and the colors and textures of plants and trees all around.

What essential items should I bring when camping with a baby?

Here is a checklist:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • First aid kit including antihistamine
  • Baby-safe sunscreen
  • Baby-safe bug repellant
  • Portable baby chair
  • Baby carrier
  • Glow bracelet for baby
  • Extra clothes
  • Comfort items from home (a favorite toy or blanket)
  • Swim diapers and life vest (for swimming)
  • Thermal outfits and warm hat (for winter camping)
  • Small fan or spray bottle, sunglasses and a sun hat (for summer camping)

What are a few tips for families camping with babies?

  1. Don't go too far from home. Staying close to home allows parents to head back if an essential item has been forgotten.
  2. Get lots of rest. The first few camping trips with a baby may be more exhausting than usual as parents adjust to this new routine. Sleeping when the baby sleeps will give everyone more energy. It is supposed to be a vacation, after all.
  3. Do a test run in the backyard. If possible, parents should try spending a night or two camping out in the backyard in order to see what items need to be packed and how the baby handles the night in the tent.

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