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Atlanta Historical Sites and National Park Sites

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National Park Sites in Atlanta, Georgia are waiting to be visited by you. If you aren’t familiar with what an NPS is, let me explain. National Park Sites have been saved by the American people. They have historical value and people want them around for many years to come. Luckily, the state of Georgia has a few, especially in Atlanta. Check out these Atlanta Historical Sites.

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Atlanta Historical Sites and National Park Sites

Remember while visiting you can get into places like the Georgia Aquarium and CNN Studios with your Atlanta CityPASS.

Atlanta National Park Sites

These Sites are run by the National Park Service. Some are free and some are paid. If you get your National Parks Membership (one of our recommend travel memberships) then you pay nothing.

This also means at each location your kids can get their National Park service junior ranger badges and learn about each location.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield – The drive to the top of the mountain is beautiful. There is a parking lot there and then a small hike up. They have cannons placed where they would have been during the battle and you can't beat the views of Atlanta from the top.

Chattahoochee River – You may have heard the country song with the word Chattahoochee in it. The truth is that this place is real and very historical. The Chattahoochee River is known as an ancient river in a modern city. This is an NPS location, but it’s also a great place to get out and enjoy mother nature.

Martin Luther King JR House – The really cool thing about Atlanta, Georgia is it brought of up one the most influential people in America's history. You probably know a lot about MLK, but now you can walk in his footsteps. You can see where he was born, where he played, and how he changed the way America viewed segregation. Martin Luther King Junior is a very important person in our history.

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Other Atlanta Historical Sites

There are some really cool places to check out while in Atlanta that isn’t deemed as NPS locations, but they are still very important to the history of this great city. Here are some historical locations you’ll want to add to your list to check out.

Margaret Mitchell HouseThis is a historical museum in Atlanta, GA that you need to check out. If you don’t know who Margaret is or was, she was the author of “Gone with the Wind.” Check it out to see why this is such an important place in history.

Krog Street Tunnel – An interesting place to check out, while in Atlanta. This is a historical landmark that connects Inman Park to Cabbagetown Neighborhoods. You can see lots of local art and just get a feel for this part of Atlanta.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and MuseumCarter was president between 1977 and 1981. This Museum features anything and everything President Jimmy Carter. They have different exhibits available to check out. Perfect place to visit for a little educational tour, while in Atlanta.

Underground Atlanta – This was the original downtown Atlanta Street with the bricks and storefronts before it burned to the ground in the Civil War. During the rebuild, they built the new city right over top of it. Now you can see some of the original storefronts, the brick road, and even the old gas light posts. One of the light posts has a spot where you can see where the cannonball went right through it.

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The King Center – A museum with lots of info on Martin Luther King Jr, Ghanaian, and Rosa Parks.

Center for Civil & Human Rights – Located in downtown Atlanta, this center documents the history of the American Civil Rights Movement.

What are some other Atlanta Historical Sites that you'd suggest?

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