55 Absolute MUST Have RV Accessories from Full-Time RVers

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When it comes to RVing and camping, we don’t mess around. I like making a list to ensure I have everything I need on board. If you are new to the RV life, here are 55 RV Accessories must haves!

When it comes to RVing, we don’t mess around. If you are new to the RV life, here are 55 RV Accessories must-haves from fulltime RV'ers. #rvliving #rvlife #fulltimerving #rvaccessories #ourroaminghearts | Rv Living | RV Accessories | RV Hacks | Full Time RV Living | Traveling in an RV

55 Absolute MUST Have RV Accessories from Full-Time RVers

French Press – While coffee makes are nice (and as a mom a must), french presses are a bit more convenient while traveling. 

Bikes with a Bike Rack – When you’re touring the country in your RV, you’ll want to have bikes on hand to help you get places and even get some exercise in.

Solar Device Charger – For those times you don’t have electricity (aka boondocking) to charge your devices, these chargers work wonders.

Cast Iron Cookware – When you traveling, you need items that are going to last. Cast iron cookware has been known to last years. PLus you can use it over an open fire, that benefit is worth the extra weight. 

Surge Protector – Keep your RV appliances from having voltage spikes. Keeping a surge protector on hand is a good move.

Extra Sewer Hose  – Always keep an extra sewer hose on hand. You never know when something will go wrong with the original one. We stayed in one place where we needed 3 hoses and had to run out to buy a 3rd!

Water Filter – Water quality changes from campsite to campsite while traveling, so a water filter on the outside of the RV is a great way to combat this.

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Berkey Water Filter – For the same reason as above the water can taste different, and we love out Berkey the water tastes the same no matter where we are! 

Roll Up Dish Drain – RVs do not have a lot of room, a roll-up dish drain can work wonders and save you some space.

Over the Stove Cutting Board – When you need a cutting board, pulling down an over the stove cutting board can work wonders. It’s compact and easy to store in your RV. We got ours at IKEA but you can get them online too. 

Step Stool That Folds Up – If you’re short or your RV has high storage, or you have kids, step stools are very handy RV accessories.

Extra Utensils – For some reason, utensils always go missing (I think we leave them outside and they walk off), make sure you have extra! I find the wood ones weightless and last longer!

Air compressor – Yes, you will want to make sure you have a tankless air compressor, so you can fill up bike tires and more, while on the go.

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Flameless Candles – Having a candle lit at home is one thing, try stocking up on flameless candles in case of an emergency.

Portable AC – Let's be honest in the summer your RV AC isn't always going to keep your place as cool as you want. That's why you need an easy option. 

Screen Canopy Sometimes you need to an extra canopy to extend your outdoor space a little bit. It’s nice to have protection from the sun with the small canopy.

DIY Tools – The more tools you have to help you fix things yourself the better. A toolbox full of your favorite tools is a must for traveling in an RV.

Favorite snacksWhen in the RV, you can’t just run to the store to get what you need. Your favorite snacks are always good to have on board. Some of our favorite snacks include jerky, dried fruit, energy bars, and bottled water.

Favorite snacks – Part of the fun of camping is sitting in your chair and experiencing the outdoors.

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Portable Propane Grill – Make cooking as easy as possible on yourself with a portable propane grill.

Portable Dehumidifier – If you use your RV heater you will more then likely need a dehumidifier, keep a small portable one on hand.

Extension Cords Sometimes you just need an extension cord to help make your life a little easier. Plus, extension cords can go out in a flash.

Extension Cords – Not many people think of what will happen if they lose or damage the phone they have. Keep a cheap back up cell phone in your RV.

A Good RV Mattress When sleeping in an RV, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure you have a comfy RV mattress on board because trust me the ones the RV comes with are crap. 

Composting Toilet Yes, a composting toilet comes in handy when you’re camping with an RV!

Drinking Hose – Trust me you don't want to drink water from a nondrinking hose. Make sure to put one of the outdoor water filters on, just trust me. 

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Oxygenics Showerhead – Again, comfort is important whenever you’re traveling, make sure you have a showerhead that you love for your RV. You also want one that uses less watch for when you aren't hooked up to a water source.

Leveling Blocks – I wish I could say every site was going to be level but I can't. And these are super lightweight as well. We carry 2 sets with us.  

Walkie Talkies  If you have more then one vehicle these are a god sent on travel days. They are also great if you don't have cell service but still want to be in contact around the park. 

Roof Gutter Drip Extenders – You want to protect your RV as much as possible from the rain and these drip extenders can help.

Roof Repair Tape No one wants their RV roof to fall apart at the last minute. Having this tape on board can help so much!

Citronella Candle – When you spend a lot of time outside you will want to keep the bugs away. 

Insect Repellent  – Just like above, you never know what type of bugs you’ll run into while camping, keep it safe.

Foldable Laundry Bin – We have 3 laundry hampers because there are 7 of us, but they aren't all in use all at once so I love being able to fold them up and store them until needed.

Keyless RV Lock – If you head to the pool you don't want to have to worry about keys do you? Plus you REALLY want to replace the manufacturer lock, I've heard some scary stories how easy they are to break into.

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Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator  – Water pressure isn't the same everywhere and some place it can cause so serious damage to your RV!

RV GPS – These GPSs have extra benefits like where you can add in the size of your trailer and it will avoid all route it won't fit. You can also turn it off RV mode for when you aren't towing.

Amazon Fire Stick – When you can hook up to wifi this is the best way to watch TV!

Mounted Toothbrush Holders – You will want to keep as much counter space as possible plus it's one less thing to secure on move days. Also, hubby can fit his razor in this one as well!

Netatmo – We travel with a dog and we like to be able to monitor the temperature in the RV when we have to leave him in it. We have been in several RV parks and had the power go out so we like to know that he is safe! Plus it can monitor air quality.

Spice Holders – We like to maximize space with the spice holders that stick to the door. Plus it keeps them in place during travel.

Instant Pot – My Instant Pot combines many small appliances. I like being able to use it as a slow cooker when we are gone all day or if i forget to defrost meat I can still put a meal on the under in under an hour!

Stackable Mixing Bowls (and Measuring Cups) – These all nest together and include mixing bowls, a strainer, a colander, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

Hammock – Not all camping spots allow you to hang a hammock but it's worth it for the ones that do allow you too.

Higher Hangers – If you half the half size closet like we do, just hanging your shirt will cause it to hit the bottom with normal hangers.

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Collapsible Hangers – If you have a bigger closet this hang will allow you to get more stuff in the small space.

Verizon Mobile Hotspot – We love our Verizon hotspot Internet we also use out Verison unlimited phone plan.

RV Wheel Covers – If you are going to be somewhere for any length of time (like a few weeks) these covers will help protect your tires, making them last longer.

Magnetic Motion Lights -These can be taken down when you travel, but they are a huge help when you need to empty the tanks at night or for safety around the campsite.

RV Toliet Paper – Trust me, use the septic safe stuff you don't want to deal with a clog. You just don't.

X Wheel Chocks – Once you park your VR you want to block off the wheels from moving before you unhitch. We have an unfortunate lesson in this in Gettysburg and only resulted in a few scratches and one near heart attack!

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Disposable Gloves – 3 words. Black Tank Duty. Enough Said.

Hitch Lock – You don't want someone to hook up to your RV while you are out and pull away with it right?

Replacement Fuses – It never fails when my husband is using the motorize jack without being hooked to the power he blows the fuse. Every. Time.

Picnic Table Cover – We love eating outside but some picnic tables are just gross. This is a must!

Did I miss any of your must-have RV Accessories? Let me know in the comments below I'm always looking for great new toys!

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