Why Roadschool?

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I can’t tell you how often I have been asked this question. Some people just don’t ‘get it’ others want to know OUR reason behind it. So I figured it’s time to share!

First let me define what roaschooling is. Simply put roadschooling is teaching your kids on the road. This means they learn hands on about history via the location. An example, we learn about the civil war and then we can follow the path of the civil war south hitting museums, Gettysburg, battle fields and more. So not only will the child learn about the history they can then stand in the spot that is happened. We can follow the Oregon Trail west and we can read and see the houses from Little House on the Prairie. The possibilities are endless.

why roadschool

As will any form of homeschooling I also get asked, What about Socialization? Most of the time I respond back with, what about it? Take a look at my kids. Do they LOOK like they have a social problem? If you hit me on a bad day that might be the answer you get, but really? Other then my 2 year old has a stranger complex right now? (which is a phase every kid goes through at one point) my older 2 will talk your head off ask questions and are just polite! Now to calm your fears, they will meet kids their age at different events we go to and at the campgrounds we stay at. The campgrounds are swarming with kids! But really the interactions they will have with adults on a day to day basis will serve them more long term then learning from someone their own age. Think about it.

How will you school them on the road? Well we have been a homeschool family from day one. This is not going to change. My kids are still doing the same curriculum they have been, we are just focusing a bit heavier on geography so they know where they are. We will also be schooling on weekends so that we can go out and do stuff during the week when the crowds aren’t as heavy with people out of work and school.

What gave you THAT idea? I have only been asked this once but I think it’s a good point to tell my story from. I traveled with my grandparents almost every summer as a kid some summers we would just head to Orlando ( a 4 hour trip) but there were 2 summers we took all summer and traveled up and down the east coast for a whole month. We did it in a car and staying in hotels due to my grandfather’s disability but I LOVED the idea of RV travel from the people I met that were doing it. Then watching movies of RV travel growing up just set it more in motion. Once hubby and I got married, with him in the military we were moving every 2 year at most so I got that sense of travel, but when we actually had time and money to travel we found ourselves visiting family over the destinations we wanted to see. This is now our chance to get out and see the country. Hubby took a little convincing, but once he was on board he was more excited than me! We really want to find where we want to settle down. We know it's not where we grew up or any of the areas we were stationed in so we are hoping to find it on the road!

So I hope I answered your questions, if not leave it below and Ill add it to the list!

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    1. From someone who doesn’t know you from the man in the moon, I think this is a GREAT idea! You are giving your children something that most children will never experience.
      And I hear that Arizona is a good place to settle. Apparently, there is a small town there, can’t remember what it is called, but almost no one is from there and it is very family friendly. I think it is where Walmart is headquartered.
      Good luck on your adventures and I’ll be praying that your family will be more openminded and for safe travels.

    2. Seeing what one learns about is a good way to reinforce it. Travel and new experiences provide many intangible benefits, I am sure.

    3. Hello,
      My husband and I are considering road schooling and full time rv living. Thank you for the great information. There is a lot to consider but we are seriously looking into that lifestyle and are actually excited about it being a possibility.

    4. We sold our home in Alabama and roadschooled for 6 months. It had its challenges, but it was the best decision we’d ever made. We ultimately decided to settle in a small Colorado town. I love our home here, but we are all itching to hit the road again for more family adventures! I think it’ll be much easier the next time around as we’ll have a small stick and brick “home” to store our things/take a break from the road. I think that was the hardest part…not having a sense of belonging to a certain place (for me. The kids didn’t seem to care either way!) I can’t imagine a better way to grow up than to be learning hands on, in the moment, with your parents fully involved. My kiddos thrived on the road.

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