Enjoy Time With Your Kids – They’re Awesome!

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I saw this article by Ashley on Bare Neckers and I swear she was writing it just for me! I have 4 kids and we are traveling full time just like she is and we get ‘The Look' we get the “Oh I feel so sorry for you” and I agree with Ashley that it stops me in my tracks with a ‘wwhhhaaaaaattttt'

In my head it sounds a bit more like this:

Yeah no joke! Like her, I too am done with this type of attitude and we are brand new at full timing! Yes my kids have their moments, they can be messy, they can be loud and talk and say the wrong thing at the worse possible moment BUT they are sweet, kind, can make me laugh and to me are just a blessing. I can't imagine sending my kids to school each day, heck hubby and I went on a date night recently and I missed them like crazy and we were gone only a few hours!

I encourage you to read her article below it will change your view on your kids for sure!

Enjoy Time With Your Kids – They’re Awesome!

 Why You Should Enjoy Your Kids

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    1. Hi Danielle, I was so glad to meet your family the other day, and that we will all be neighbors for a bit! Love your new blog.

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have a friend who has three small children and is constantly posting pictures of herself on Facebook, on wine tours, at parties, or out on the town with her husband. I always find myself wondering when this working mom spends time with her kids.

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