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Our Roaming Hearts Stock Photography Profiles

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I’m so glad you are interested in my stock photos. Below are my stock photo profiles listed as Our Roaming Hearts stock photography. 

Our Roaming Hearts Stock Photography Profiles

As a travel blogger, I have so many photos from amazing locations that went unused, because you can only use so many in a post! I sold some to other bloggers, used some in posts for other sites, and even turned some into slide show videos. But still wanted to use my best photos from each location in a better way.

So I’ve started listing them on these stock photo sites. My goal is to upload between 10-20 new ones a week and slowly build my portfolio. So check back for more photos each week. 

I have some more ideas on how to use these photos too but for now, I am building up my stock photo portfolio and making a little extra money. I do plan to do a post and /or video on I have learned selling stock photos and how to get started as it seems really daunting but once you know what to do it’s really easy! 

What is stock photography?

Stock photos are listed on stock photo sites with limited rights. This means I hold the copyright to my photos and anyone can go on and buy a license to use it. Depending on the use depends on what they pay. I then get a % of the sale normally around 30% – 75% depending on the website and the license bought. 

These photos can be sold over and over again not just once so while I don’t make a ton of money off each photo there is no limit to the number of times it can be bought. 

These photos get used on websites, for news stories, advertising, social media and more. They are used by anyone from mom and pop business owners to bloggers and even big national media like the NY Times, National Geographic ect. No credit has to be given on the photo but many will give credit for print publications. 

Petrified Forest National Park Arizona - Blue Mesa

Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona


You may see my photos on other sites then these as some of them share to their partner sites on my behalf (Zoonar shares to 11 different sites for me!) There are also some sites where I don’t have a profile on. Photos vary from site to site based on what they take and are looking for. 


So stay tuned I am looking to be doing some product based on my photography, it’s in the works as we speak! If you have any requests please leave them in the comments! 


123RF Profile

Adobe Stock Profile

Alamy Profile

Big Stock Images Profile

Can Stock Photos Profile

Deposit Photo Profile 

Dreamstime Profile

EyeEm Portfolio

iStock Photo Profile

Shutterstock Profile

Zoonar Profile


If you are looking to use one of my images outside of the stock photography guidelines please email me at [email protected] I am always open to working with you and seeing if we can make what you are looking for happen!

OK Corral Actual Gun Fight Site

OK Corral Actual Gun Fight Site, Tombstone Arizona


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