Ideas for Packing Light – Summer Styles from Target

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I will say one thing I used to hate about travel was packing. I hated thinking I missed something or even trying to cram all my clothes into one bag. I would put it off until the last minute which made me feel even more rushed. I think this is why I love RVing because while we travel there is no bag packing and unpacking my house, closet and closest move with us and we set up the RV and bam everything is where I left it, well most of the time.

I have had to take several flights back to Florida over the last month and in doing so, I have learned how to cram all the stuff I need into a small carry on so I'm not checking bags that could get lost and leave me with nothing. It also makes it easier when I get where I'm going; I really don't have to unpack.

Ideas for Packing Light - Summer Styles from Target

Ideas for Packing Light – Summer Styles from Target

If you too are looking for some light packing ideas for your vacations this summer, I put want to share this mix and match outfits. You can get 7 (or more!) outfits from 7 items of clothing and just a few accessories. These outfits fit just about any location you are traveling too, and you will still have room in your carry-on to bring back a few things from that great shopping trip you know you will back on vacation!

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  1. Merona Modern Ankle Pants – $27.99
  2. Dollhouse Mid-Rise Belted White Jean Shorts – $27.99
  3. Denizen Levi's Cuffed Denim Shorts – $19.99
  4. Almost Famous Vertical Stitch Flyaway Tank – $14.99
  5. Self Esteem Tie-Front Tank Top – $17.99
  6. Merona Peasant Blouse – $27.99
  7. Eclair Chevron Mockneck Blouse – $44.99
  8. Merona Eve Quarter Strap Sandals – $24.99
  9. Merona Missi Huarache Sandals – $32.99
  10. Merona Straw Fedora Hat – $12.99
  11. Merona Infinity Scarf – $14.99
  12. Metal Aviator Sunglasses – $12.99
  13. Merona Colorblock Zip Front Tote – $39.99
  14. Who What Wear Foldover Clutch – $24.99

So which outfit is your favorite?

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