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Kid Friendly Spring Break Ideas for Families On A Budget

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Spring break is almost here for us so we are on the hunt for kid friendly spring break ideas that are both fun and budget-friendly.

Since this is a family vacation, I decided it would be best to see where the kids were interested in going.

That was a no go though because their response was that they just wanted a break from school where they can relax, stay up late, sleep in and play their video games.

I, however, want to get away for a bit and spend some quality time with them without all of the electronics. It’s been a long time since we have actually gone somewhere and had some fun together.

So since they weren’t much help at all, I decided I’d make my own list of spring break destinations that we could travel to on a budget with the kids.

My requirements for the places I wanted to visit were:

  • I want it to be educational in some aspect (maybe I can sneak something that’s both fun and involves learning something in there without them even noticing).
  • Kid-friendly of course.
  • Somewhere we can relax without having to follow an extremely busy schedule while keeping things fun and entertaining so no one gets bored.

Kid-Friendly Spring Break Ideas for Families On A Budget

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis isn’t too far of a drive for us so this is definitely doable. I also found some really cool things that we can do as a family.

Places of interest:

  • Crown Plaza Hotel – They have rooms that are actually inside of a train. They call them Pullman Train Rooms and they are just like a hotel, except you are sleeping in an old 1920’s train car.
  • xZOOberance at the Indianapolis Zoo – A festive event just for spring break with live shows, music, dancing, animal interactions, and so many other fun activities that kids of all ages will enjoy. Don’t worry, there are also fun things for adults to do!
  • Holiday World – This theme park has it all and is much cheaper than Disney. Fun roller coasters, water rides, activities and so much more.

Cocoa Beach Area, Florida

A little farther than what we may want to travel, but we have family in Florida so it would be fun to visit and get to spend time with everyone. Unfortunately, this would require flying – but I can live with that.

Places of interest:

  • Kennedy Space Center – Close to Cocoa Beach, the space center is located in Merritt Island. There are a lot of different cool experiences the kids can take part in and it’s a fun educational experience.
  • Cocoa Beach Pier – Not only can we enjoy sitting on the beach for hours, but there are also a ton of activities that will entertain the kids. The kids can get surf lessons, everyone can enjoy live music and delicious food, and more.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I’ve always wanted to visit Myrtle Beach and I think the kids will love it.

Activities in Myrtle Beach:

  • Pirate Cruise
  • Adventures for both children and adults
  • Family Kingdom Amusement Park – There is an amusement park and a water park and both seem extremely fun for both adults and children.
  • Hollywood Wax Museum
  • Museums, Safari Experiences and more.

These are the three choices I’ve narrowed it down to, I am sure I will add more places to the list but these seem to be the best I’ve found for now.

Do you have any recommendations or favorites when it comes to kid friendly spring break ideas that won’t break the bank?

I know there are so many different places to go, so if you have a favorite, please share it so I can check out the area and add it to my list!

Kid-Friendly Spring Break Ideas


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    Sharing is caring!

    Adriane Thompson

    Tuesday 25th of February 2020

    Such fun spots! We are in the southwest and have Cali not far from us but the expenses add up! We are definitely looking for a fun place to visit for spring break though!

    Sonia Seivwright

    Tuesday 25th of February 2020

    I really love these ideas. If i was anywhere close to America I would love the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Kale @

    Tuesday 25th of February 2020

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE planning vacations! I hope your spring break is spectacular! We aren't taking one this year...hopefully later in the season. Have fun! :)

    Jen Van Haitsma

    Tuesday 25th of February 2020

    Never been any of these places, but it sounds really fun. Gonna have to check out Myrtle Beach!

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