5 Camping Tricks You Need to Know About

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After a long week at work, it is nice to sit back and relax on the carefree weekend. What better way to do that than by spending your two days off at your favorite campground? While it is great to be able to enjoy nature at its finest, camping can be a burden at times. So, here are some camping tricks to make your stay a little more comfortable, and efficient.

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5 Camping Tricks You Need to Know About

 Invest in Foam Tiles

As you get older, you realize that your body is not as flexible as it was when you were a child. One of the biggest things you may have found out is that it is no longer cool to spend the night curled up on the floor. You will wake up with body aches from your legs to your neck.

So, instead of laying your sleeping bag on the uneven, sometimes rocky ground, invest in some foam tiles to lay underneath you. You will not regret it. Sleeping on foam tiles will be a lifesaver!


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Pack Supplies in a Storage Tote

Instead of leaving your food, condiments, and utensils in a grocery bag pack them in a plastic storage tote. The lid from the tote will prevent the items from falling out, and be rolling all over the place, as well as help everything remain dry.

As a plus, you can also empty out all the items at the campsite, fill the tote with soapy water after your meals, and use it as a dish sink.


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 Freeze Gallon Jugs of Water

Chances are you will need to restock your cooler with ice at some point over the weekend. You may as well begin by not packing any ice at all. Instead, freeze a few gallons of fresh water to use in place of the ice.

It will keep your items as cold as if you used cubed ice, and as it melts you will have drinking water available.


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 Hang a Mesh Closet Organizer

Tents can get messy. Somehow your clothes, blankets, and other personal items always end up scattered throughout. Stay organized by hanging a mesh closet organizer in your tent, and storing light clothing and belongings in the slots. We use this camping tricks all the time.

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 Store Shoes in a Tote

Shoes are another item that can easily get lost in your tent. They also track in lots of dirt and grass. Keep another small storage tote either right inside, or outside of the tent to store them in. They will stay dry, and keep the dirt contained to just the tote.

Do you have any camping hacks to share?

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      1. Great tips. I use a very cheap shoe rack that I bought at Dollarama instead of a hanging organizer. I worry the organizer could get too heavy for the tent poles to support. The shoe rack comes apart and goes together easily and gives me 3 shelves to put stuff on. I have a couple of small plastic baskets I use on the rack to put chargers and toiletries in.

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