Our 2nd Experience with Amazon Camperforce in Haslet Texas

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I know this post is a bit late (ok super late I'm SO SORRY!) but I wanted to share our experience with Amazon Camperforce in Haslet Texas for the 2016 Camperforce season. We get asked about it all the time, and now we have the opportunity to compare and contrast two different locations and seasons.
 This was our 2nd year doing Amazon Camperforce, in a new location. See as we compare and contrast previous year and why we will NOT go back to Haslet.

Our 2016 Amazon Camperforce Haslet Texas

We also did Amazon Camperforce for the 2015 season in Murfreesboro Tennessee and loved the experience. I wish we could say that for the Haslet location. But let's get into the basics.

What is Amazon Camperforce?

Every year for the Christmas season Amazon brings in RVs to help with the increase in demand. This season runs from September to December, and they pay the RVers an hourly wage plus provide a free campsite. You are required to work 40-50 hours a week.
They have several locations that change each year depending on where they need the extra help. This year we choose to work the Haslet Texas location.
Haslet is just northwest of Fort Worth TX, so we were able to take advantage of things to do in both Fort Worth and Dallas. This seems to be a sought after location due to the weather being warmer this time of year.

The Amazon Camperforce RV Park

Our RV park was brand new in Azle, Tx and great small town, but the park was made just for the Amazon Ccamperforce crowd. Gravel pads with full hookups and nothing else.
I get Amazon wants the best price to put us up, but it would have been great to have at least a laundry room for when hubby needed work clothes between work days since we RVers are known not to have huge wardrobes. There was a big grassy area for the kids and dog to run around in but not much else.

The park owner was nice but never really on the property. Any activities we, the camperforce community, had to put together. Since the RV was only camperforce people, we liked it a lot better than the one we stayed at in Murfreesboro TN.
We had the only kids in the park, so they got together to have some candy for our kids to trick or treat with, and everyone put on a great Thanksgiving Dinner as well.
I will say there was another park similar in name to the one we were staying at and Amazon gave us the wrong address, so that was fun trying to get back to where we needed to be on move-in day.

The Amazon Camperforce Job

The job wasn't hard. Hubby said he was a picker but not like last year when he was walking 20+ miles a day. The warehouse had robots to the picking of items then he picked from the robots and made sure the correct items were there, that there was no damage, and packed them.

He made $11 an hour which was up from the year before, but there was no real overtime which is where you make your money for the season. This is a big reason we were unhappy with the location. Many weeks he didn't even get a full 40 hours because he and others were sent home from lack of work to do since the robots were so efficient.

We were still granted the free campsite like last year, and we again got the end of season bonus of $1 for every hour worked. Our paychecks were direct deposited as well.

There weren't as many competitions at this location, so we didn't win any of the extra prizes like we did last year. We used a lot of the gift cards from Murfreesboro to have a free Christmas and for filling up our gas tank and buying groceries, allowing us to put even more money into savings.

The Amazon Camperforce People

We still talk to people we met that also worked Camperfroce. The people every year seem to be a great bunch of people, even if we seem to be the youngest ones there. Everyone has great stories from being on the road, and they were all easy going.
The people that were not full-timers at the warehouse were a bit harder to work with. The manager they put over the full-timers was barely out of college, no people skills, and hard to work for. He didn't know how to manage people and wasn't very helpful. With any luck, he won't be there for the following years. I hope he didn't leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth to not do the program again.

The Amazon Camperforce Location

This year we got to experience Fort Worth and Dallas Texas. Our first day out we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards and watching one of the old cattle drives. One of the best things about Camperforce was getting three days off in a row, so we always got at least one day out and about a week.
One week we were able to visit the 6th Floor JFK Museum, George W Bush Presidential Library, Bonnie and Clyde's Graves, the Dallas Arboretum, The Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum, the Reunion Tower Geo-Deck and more. There is so much more I wish we had gotten to see but keep reading we had a really good reason as to why we didn't get to see more. We did take advantage of our Dallas CityPass while there!
We also took advantage of the 19 free things to do in Dallas Texas.


This year while doing our Amazon Camperforce time we did have a little surprise pop up! We found out we were expecting baby #5! So our activities toward the end of the stay were limited because morning sickness hit me head on and many days I never left the RV due to that.
As of the time of this posting, we have had our bundle of joy, and she is four months old everyone loves her to pieces even the kids!

Our Overall Experience

We will be doing the Amazon Camperforce program again, but we will not be returning to the Haslet location. For the 2017 year, they opened up several more locations in Texas, around Austin, San Antonio, and a 2nd Dallas location. We would give one of those areas a try, but we would prefer to return to Murfreesboro too bad it was the first to fill up this year!

Haslet vs. Murfreesboro

 While we are not working Camperforce for the 2017 season since we took another job, we would do it again! That said we would not go back to Haslet, we would shoot for Murfreesboro, or a new location in an area was haven't been so we can explore some while there.
Also, my husband said he wouldn't choose to be a picker again because of how much walking was involved at Murfreesboro.
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    1. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle, including Amazon. You are truely rich in spirit of America. Eventually, we will all be monitoring the robots to ensure they do their jobs, or will they monitor us? 😉

    2. I just found your blog while researching the Amazon Camper Force. Good info!!!! We are not RVer’s YET but am planning for a spring 2021 kick off, only 18 months away!! We don’t really have the need to work camp, but we’d like to have the option and we have no problem working! I’d like to link your article to a blog I am writing if that’s OK. We are retired Navy and our son is active duty Navy and one daughter is active duty Air Force. You can see them on our MILITARY tab on our website.

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