10 Things to Pack for Your Camping Trip

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When planning a great camping trip you must be prepared for anything. Plan ahead and bring everything you may need so you can enjoy not having to worry about ruining the fun when something does not go as planned. These items should be added to your packing list.

10 Things to Pack for Your Camping Trip

10 Things to Pack for Your Camping Trip

1 Extra socks are vital to bring along. Wet socks ruin the fun and compromise your health. Ask any soldier. They may wear the same uniform for weeks in the field but they always have clean socks.

2 First aid kit stocked with quick clot. This unsung hero should be in every first aid kit. In an emergency situation, quick clot can stop bleeding and literally save a life while you head to get to safety and find assistance.


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3 A portable water filter. You can find great filter bottles or even handy straws. The point is you want something to make safe drinking water when you need it. Nothing is worse than being caught in a bad situation without a safe source of water.

4 Airtight food storage is vital to keeping your food fresh and safe from animals on your camping trip. They tell you to hang your food to protect it from bears, but well bears can and do climb so an airtight container will keep them from knowing you have food hiding up their.

5 Extra rope or paracord can come in handy on your camping trip. If you have limited space to carry you will be surprised to see how much rope those trendy bracelets have in them. That rope may be compact and light but it can hold your weight.

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6 Flour sack towels come in handy for everything. They are light weight, soak up tons of water, and dry fast. Flour sack towels can be used for everything from a towel to dry off to a diaper for your baby. How is that for handy? You can get them for under $1 each at Walmart in multi-packs.

7 Bug repellent is a must for your camping trip. Bugs can quickly ruin the fun. Pack a great deep woods friendly bug repellent and enjoy your camping trip in comfort.

8 Change of Clothes. When it comes to packing for a camping trip you need to have an extra change of clothes including clothing for cold weather in a waterproof storage to ensure you always have warm dry clothes no matter what happens. If it is cool and you are packing mostly cool weather gear bring a change for hot weather as well. You never know.

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9 A weather alert radio will come in handy should you find yourself facing a storm on your camping trip. Summer weather is unpredictable at best. Knowing what is coming can save the day when deciding whether to stay or pack up.

10 An old fashioned map and compass can get you out of a sticky situation should you find yourself without battery or signal to your GPS. Camping is the perfect time to teach your children how to read a map without a computer guide.

What are your must having when camping?

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