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    What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

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    One thing I was really trying to get a sense of when I started homeschooling was WHAT I needed to teach my kids. I wanted to make sure they were learning what they should be so they were on track. Here are some basic skills to work on with your Kindergarten Kid, this is by no means a comprehensive list.  This is just a starting point for you.  Remember, some children will know these things already, while others will be able to master them by the time they are done with Kindergarten. That’s ok, work at your child’s pace, let them lead, and teach them skills using themes they love, they are much more likely to pay attention and soak up the knowledge if you use something they are interested in to teach with.

    What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

    What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

    Do you have a little one obsessed with dinosaurs? Use 10 plastic dinosaurs to teach addition, subtraction, and more than less than.  Does your child have a fascination with flowers? Use silk flowers to teach abab patterns.  Play grocery store with your child’s play food to practice money identification.  Your day should still include a lot of play based learning initially.

    One Kindergarten workbook I love to make sure they have mastered these concepts is the Big Kindergarten Workbook.


    Identifying numbers 1-20

    Counting 1-20 using one to one correspondence

    Basic addition and subtraction

    More, less, same

    Basic shapes- circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, star, octagon

    Time- o’clock, quarter, half hour

    Ordinal numbers- first, second, third, etc,

    Recognizing money (working with play money is a big help)


    Patterning and Sequencing



    Identifying uppercase and lowercase letters

    Know all the sounds the letters make

    Recognize own first and last name

    Identifying simple sight words like; I, am, to, at, go,

    Sitting quietly and listening to story

    Reading comprehension

    Learning to identify beginning, middle, and end of story



    Writing – I love Handwriting Without Tears books for handwriting.

    Proper pencil grasp

    Uppercase and lowercase letters

    Writing 1 to 20

    Writing First and Last name


    Science – Magic School Bus Science Kits are the best for this!

    Classifying living/nonliving




    Space- sun, moon, stars, planets

    Caring for plants/animals




    Social Studies

    Their own phone number and address

    Learning the Pledge of Allegiance

    Name of their city, state, country

    Various types of families

    Community Workers

    Meanings of Federal holidays


    Other cultures


    Self Help Skills

    Tying shoes

    Dressing/undressing self

    Proper bathroom habits

    Good hygiene habits

    Keeping track of their belongings

    Keeping a tidy workspace


    Don’t forget to include a lot of physical activity throughout the day. Kicking a ball outside, swinging at the park, stretching in the morning, or a backyard obstacle course are all great ways to get some exercise.

    Also include LOTS of reading. We start the day reading a few books and then have an afternoon reading time as well!



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