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    Update: Our Yard Sale and First Purge

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    Well this past weekend we had our first yard sale that was the start of our purge. I think we had a good start. We were able to go through the entire living room, 80% of the garage and about half of the kitchen for this sale along with part of our school room. This yard sale was a neighborhood one that is done every spring so that helped drive traffic. We didn't have to advertise at all!

    The sale was Friday and Saturday and we had a LOT more traffic on Friday then Saturday I don't get it! I thought Saturday would be busier with people being off work!

    Before the yard sale we sold a few bigger item from the garage got rid of some landscaping things. We also sent 4 BIG boxes into to of clothes and we have 4 more of clothes and books to send in.

    The pictures below are from day 2 of the sale I forgot to get day 1 pictures!

    The Start of the Purge


    I will say will how much stuff we got rid of in the 2 days I don't feel like we got rid of much! The big stuff we sold included:

    • Grill
    • Rocking Chair
    • Mattress (new)
    • Fire pit
    • 4 Cases of Paper
    • Propane heater and tanks
    • Desk
    • Baby Bouncer
    • Several old tin signs

    Smaller items were kitchenware, holiday decor, landscaping items, yard tools, room decor, some stockpile cleaning items, some homeschool cleaning items, diapers baby girl out grew, 75% of our mason jars, DVDs, video games and 50% of my crafts supplies.

    Our kids did great and had fun playing with some old toys and their favorite thing to do?

    The kids entertained them selves very well during the yard sale today! Box where their favorite toy!

    A photo posted by Danielle, The Frugal Navy Wife (@frugalnavywife) on


    We talked with some great people and several people once they found out we were selling just about everything to get on the road and travel asked what else we had, furniture wise we would be selling. We talked with a lady starting a shop to upcycle furniture and wants to buy about 50% of our furniture as we get rid of it. Another couple expressed interest in our living room set and up right freezer.

    Day one we set a goal and set if we met it we would buy pizza for dinner to make it easy on us. We beat our goal by over $100! Day two we set another goal saying if we met it would would buy chinese food for dinner. Again we beat it by $100. We also decided to take the first weekend of each month from now until we get on the road and have a yard sale. We'd like to make $300 a yard sale figuring if we make our goal it will add an extra $1200 to our savings to get on the road above and beyond selling the big stuff in the house. We also will be sending a lot of books and kids stuff into swap so it can sell and we can price it but not have to store it.

    At the end of the weekend we packed some stuff up to put in the sale next month and send a big box of stuff to the thrift store for donation. For our next yard sale we are hoping to finish the garage and get closets upstairs cleaned out and finish going through the kitchen.

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      Sharing is caring!

      Gretchen Richter de Medeiros

      Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

      Good luck! Looks like you've made a decent dent in your stuff.

      When we left for our RTW worldschool adventure, we were able to reduce everything we owned to just one 10x12 storage unit. We are going back to the USA (and our hosue) when we finish traveling.


      Saturday 6th of June 2015

      We still have a lot to go thru seems like the more i pull out the less of a dent it seems like we have made.


      Thursday 14th of May 2015

      During our first purge I got rid of bags and bags of stuff, but it seems like it never ends. Thanks for posting. Hello from Thrifty Thursday.


      Saturday 6th of June 2015

      Thats how I feel! I can't get rid of it fast enough!